We all go through that phase of wanting to get something permanently etched on to our skin. Sometimes, it’s an endeavour that works out well but in other instances, it’s something that becomes a regrettable reminder you’d rather forget. This is where most people tend to turn to laser tattoo removal. There are plenty of rumours surrounding this subject and this article will attempt to debunk those myths and put your mind more at ease!

It Damages the Skin

The first thing you need to know about laser tattoo removal is that it is a proven cosmetic treatment. Like all treatments it depends on you going to a professional to get the job done, so if you have any tattoo regrets and you’re considering getting it removed, make sure it’s seen to by a qualified laser technician. Laser tattoo removal is often considered the safest and least intrusive process to use since it acts only on the pigment. The only side effects you’re likely to experience are short-term inflammation and redness.

Unbearable Pain

Many people are terrified of laser tattoo removal because they think it causes unbearable pain. Did you know that this operation feels much like getting a tattoo itself? And to top that, if you can’t bear the sensation, the technician will have a numbing cream to ease your worries. If you’re worried about feeling the heat of that laser, just remember that most laser systems come equipped with an air-cooling device!

It Can Be Completed in One Session

Laser tattoo removal is usually conducted over a number of sessions, spaced out four weeks apart. The number of sessions boils down to the size, location and colours used in the tattoo. It can’t be completed in a single session, however. Your technician would be able to give you an idea of how long it would take during the initial examination.

New Tattoos Are Removed Faster

It’s quite common for people to think that if a tattoo is a few days old, it takes far less time to remove. They could not be more wrong! You have to wait at least a couple of months before attempting laser tattoo removal on a fresh tattoo because you need to allow it to heal. In fact, some old tattoos might take less time to remove since their ink has faded already!

Using Tattoo Creams Helps the Process

Using tattoo creams can be quite harmful for your skin. Not only will this interfere with the whole healing procedure but if you have sensitive skin, it will severely aggravate it. Always consult your technician for tips on aftercare and stay away from the tattoo creams while you’re at it.

Darker Tattoos Are Difficult to Remove

Most people assume that darker tattoos are tougher to remove but it is actually on such black ink that the laser works best. Since black absorbs all wavelengths, the laser beam will have maximum impact and will need far less sessions. Coloured tattoos, on the other hand, have different inks- each of which respond to different wavelengths.

These are the most common myths you’ll find surrounding laser tattoo removal. Rest easy, the method is completely safe and approved!