I don’t use cling film in my pantry very often because I favour eco-friendly food storage choices like sustainable packaging and DIY beeswax meal wraps. While I’ve previously investigated a few “alternate” uses for clingfilm (such as how to use this to keep vegetables fresh and construct a convenient drink cap in this post), I’ve never gotten around from creating a full post about it—until today!

Even when you’re not using this to pack a lunch for work or school most days, that strip of saran wrap in your drawers can be put to a variety of uses. Today, I’ll provide some useful uses for cling film which go beyond carrying a lunch, from protecting fruit from overripening to avoiding a vacation nightmare!

Avoid Overripening of Bananas

Although I would never turn down overripe bananas, I want to be allowed to have them as a snack now and then. If you want to prolong the process, a piece of biodegradable cling wrap can be wrapped around bananas. This simple fix slows the passage of ethylene gases, which can cause bananas to ripen more quickly than desired.

Stubborn Stickers Must Go

Do you have any obstinate price labels and tags that create a soggy residue of glue and sheet behind? You may simply remove it by dampening the unpleasant residue with a paper towel, then wrapping it in plastic wrap till it crumbles. You’ll be able to wiggle the sticky portions straight off after that! Other simple ways to remove decals and sticky residue can be found here.

Repairing Drafty Windows

Is your home’s “ancient bones” permitting drafts to enter via the windows? To keep the cold out, stuff some bunched-up cling film into crevices. (If you don’t like the look, you could even cover the entire windows in plastic wrap.) This is particularly effective for draughty timber windows that have bent over time.

Cutlery To Pack or Store

Plastic wrap makes it simple to keep records of your silverware, whether you’re relocating or merely putting items away. Wrap a little strip of plastic wrap over each set of silverware (a fork, knife, and spoon) so you don’t run out of one spoon later.

Minimize drying out of painting tools

Have you finished your painting for the day but still have more to accomplish tomorrow? Covering your paint rollers in cling film overnight can keep them from drying out! The wrapping will form a tight seal, keeping the pigment wet, and you can simply peel it off when you’re prepared to resume painting. (This also works for paint brushes!)

Suitcase Spill Prevention

If you’ve ever unpacked your bag to find your lotion or shampoo bottle had burst, you understand how terrible it can be! However, you may simply avoid this by detaching the covers from your toiletry’s items, sealing the gaps with plastic wrap, and then returning the lids. Even if you do not really fly often, this easy advice could save you a lot of trouble!