The thing is that toys are not a pastime or luxury for dogs and other pets, but rather a need.Toys can be very critical to your dog’s overall health and well-being. When you must leave your dog at home, toys might assist to keep him entertained and give comfort when he is feeling scared or anxious. Toys can even assist in preventing your dog from acquiring certain troublesome habits in the first place!Dogs, on the other hand, are typically more than eager to play with whatever thing they can get their paws on, unlike cats, who might be choosy about their toys. As a result, you’ll need to be extra vigilant when supervising your dog’s playtime to ensure no “unscheduled” activities.

Make certain that everyone is safe.

There are several elements that influence the safety or hazard of a toy, and many of them are dependent on the size, activity level, and preferences of your dog. Another factor to consider is the setting in which your dog spends the majority of his or her time. Even though we cannot guarantee the safety of any single toy, we can provide the following recommendations.The things that dogs find most appealing are frequently the same ones that they find to be the most harmful to humans.Make certain that the toys you choose are the proper size for your dog. If your dog swallows a toy that is too tiny, it may become caught in his or her throat.If your dog is playing with squeaky toys, keep an eye on them because your dog may feel compelled to find and destroy the source of the squeaking, which means they may ingest the toy if left unattended.Whenever possible, avoid or modify toys that aren’t “dog-proof,” such as those with ribbons, strings, eyeballs, or other elements that might be chewed off and consumed by your dog. Discard toys when they begin to fall apart or get ripped. Check the labels on stuffed toys to ensure that they are labeled safe for children under three years of age and that they do not contain any potentially harmful fillings or materials. Nutshells and polystyrene beads are examples of problematic fillings, but even “safe” fillings are not completely digestible. Please keep in mind that soft toys are not indestructible, however, some are more durable than others. Soft toys should be able to be machine washed.

A word or two about rawhide

If you’re considering giving your dog a rawhide chew toy, talk to your veterinarian first to make sure the item is safe and acceptable for your dog’s age and breed. Given the possibility that these toys might cause choking, only give them to your dog when you can oversee them.Many rawhides are by-products of the harsh worldwide fur trade, which is responsible for many of them. Consider toys made of extremely firm rubber as a more compassionate choice, since they are both safer and more durable.