Moisturisers are an excellent way to keep the skin hydrated while maintaining that smooth and supple look.  Although they won’t change the way your skin functions at the cellular level, at least they will ensure that the upper layers have enough moisture they need to do their job as best as possible.


Even if you are not happy with your type of skin, there is not much in way of changing it. So the next best thing would be to maintain it at optimum levels so that it glows as healthy as it can be. This is in fact a very simple task: just make sure you buy skin moisturisers that suit your skin type and work well with your lifestyle.

Get the Right Type

If you want a cream that really moisturises, get one that contains Humectants. These are the ingredient which is responsible for longer lasting moisturizer. Some of the names to look for are glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and propylene glycol. S make sure to check the ingredients list and other important information before you purchase before you buy any moisturiser. If you have oily skin, make sure to get one that reduces sebum production.


Lock the Moisture In

After rinsing your face or showering, your skin is full of moisture. This is the best time to lock that moistness into your skin. But make sure there is no excess water or the cream will get diluted and may even slide off your face. So lightly pat the skin with a towel and then apply it. Other good times are after you shave or exfoliate when pores are pen and the moisture can sink in really well.


Upward Strokes

A gentle massaging technique should be used when applying anything on the skin. This increases circulation and helps minimize puffiness. Continue for a few minutes until your skin is slightly warm as this will ensure that your skin absorbs the maximum amount of moisturiser it possibly can. Gravity is always pulling your skin downward, causing sagging and wrinkles. So applying in upward strokes counter affects this in some ways.

Neck, Chest and Hands

Although moisturiser is meant for the face, it wouldn’t hurt to put some on your neck, chest and hands once in a way. This way they also get some anti-aging treatment. It’s important that you do not neglect these areas as differences in texture will be embarrassing and hard to conceal. But be wary of using other stronger hand or body lotions   on your face as they cause unnecessary reactions.

Layering Products

If you are using many products at the same time, make sure to layer them in the best way to get better results. The general rule is to start with the product that has the thinnest consistency and work your way up to the thickest. That means serums go on first, then oils, followed by creams. The only exemption is sun cream, which should always be applied last. This is because sunscreen contains SPF which is an ingredient that blocks skin absorption and may not allow any other creams to sink into your skin.