Choosing what veil to use is a vital moment in designing the final wedding day look. For, wedding veil designs ranging from 4 “face-framing to 120” ground-skimming, many brides are intimidated by the sheer set of possibilities. There is a famous saying “The dress highlights the bride’s beauty as she marches down the aisle,”. “It can also improve the bridal gown by commending the sequins or beading on the gown.”

Yet the choice is not as easy as having a long or short veil. Specific styles of veils and lengths will change your wedding look entirely. Whereas a blusher can convey a retro-chic look, a cathedral-length veil looks conventional and oh-so dramatic.

Bird Cage Wedding Veil 

A very short, flirty wedding veil will either cover your lips, brush your nose or land on your jawline. Typically made of a net or a ribbon, the designs can be classified as a bandeau veil.

Shoulder-Long Wedding Veil 

Like the title suggests, this type of wedding veil touches your shoulders. Shoulder-length wedding veils are a perfect choice for brides who want to have a classical-looking veil that does not clash with the design of their outfit.

Blusher Wedding Veil

Often identified as wedge veil or an angle veil, this design provides a less formal look with retro appeal. “A blusher is a small veil that hangs over your face and ends at the peak of the gown. “At the service, it’s stepped back to expose the bride, making it a thrilling and emotional moment — the first time the groom meets the bride’s eyes.”

Elbow Wedding Veil 

If you choose a more formal feel for your wedding, an elbow-long veil is a chic way of hiding without adding a cumbersome bolero or shrug. “The elbow veil gracefully slips over the arms of the bride’s elbow,”.

Fingertip wedding Veil

“A fingertip veil hangs below the bridesmaid’s hips and is a common option as it allows any decoration on the rear of the bride’s dress to be could see through the sheer fabric,”. 

Knee-Long Wedding Veil

Crafted to fall to your feet, just like chapel length veil the length of this wedding veil promises romance and beauty without slowing it down. The veil may be changed to fall somewhat shorter or a little longer to land on your leg, based on your height.

Waltz Wedding Veil

There’s no law that says you have to remove off the veil for the celebration, so if you want to leave it on, ensure it doesn’t get in the way of moving and mingling. “A waltz veil drops to the mid-calf and is a perfect choice for those who choose to wear a lengthy veil for the celebration, but also want the flexibility to dance around all night.” This wedding veil type is sometimes called a ballet veil.

Floor-Long Wedding Veil

“The full-length veil barely scrapes the full and suits the length of the bride’s robe,”. The flowing dress brings more dimension to the outfit, suitable for a bride split between such a ball gown and a much more elegant style.

Choosing to forgo a train? A chapel-long curtain will create an impression of a train, without the need for any intrusive bustling. “The long curtain of the temple stretches over the floor just above the gown of the bride,”.