If you’ve been browsing the web looking for information on how to take care of your teeth, you’re probably astounded at how much information there is out there and perhaps by how much they differ from each other. Yes, we are saying that there are a lot of myths out there on the internet and we are here to bust them.

Dentistry is a practice that has existed for years because it is just that important. Our teeth play a huge part in allowing us to eat all manner of foods, it provides a weapon to be used as a last resort and displays our intentions and attitudes whether we are smiling from ear to ear or whether we are baring our teeth and snarling to show our displeasure. If you want a great dentist that you can count on to give you solid medical advice and to make your quality of life better in general, go ahead and check out and find a dentist near me. They have great dentists working for them who will help you out with their expertise.

So, what are some of the myths that we hear floating around our peers and on the internet? The first myth is that sugar is the culprit of cavities. This seems like a natural belief, we as people know that we have gotten cavities as a result of eating candy, right? Wrong, it isn’t really the sugar in the candy that causes cavities, it’s the bacteria in your mouth that are doing their job of breaking the sugar down. Things like starch and sugar attract the bacteria and allow them to multiply and eat away at our teeth in addition to breaking the food down. If you rinse and brush your teeth daily, you absolutely won’t have a problem with cavities.

Another myth that we hear often is that bleeding gums are normal. This is not the case at all. Many of us as children have probably experienced bleeding gums when we brushed our teeth and quickly normalized it, however, this is not a good thing at all. Bleeding gums is due to inflammation which is in turn due to a vitamin C deficiency. So, if you have bleeding gums, we highly recommend that you have citrus fruits and if the bleeding persists then get your gums checked for diseases such as gingivitis.

Another persistent myth is that brushing your teeth harder makes the teeth cleaner. This is actually a terrible myth, why? Because the harder you brush the more you hurt the enamel which protects the inner layer of your teeth. You may actually brush so hard that the gums suffer injury as well and this can lead to all kinds of problems such as gum recession.

Flossing is also believed to be unnecessary however this is not the case. Flossing is actually one of the most underrated components of a good daily oral hygiene ritual, and if you skip out on it then you will miss out on all of the benefits of flossing which include plaque removal and prevention of halitosis.