Summer is the most anticipated season to have so much of fun. It can be the time of the year where we have barbecues and have so many fun activities.Howeveronce you add some exterior design elements in your house you can continue to have fun even in fall and in winter. 

It’s easy to increase the time spent outdoors by simply adding a heat source near your seat.  In addition to warming your frozen guests, you can sit around the fire with a hot drink or roast marshmallows.  Permanent or portable, consider one of the following methods of heating items are an  open fireplace or external heater.

You’ll need garlands or lanterns for a festive summer mood.  During the fall and the winter it gets dark soon so you need see lights. Lighting fixtures can be solar and LED, as well as different types such as  spotlights and garden lights.  Ensure you get waterproof lounges so that these don’t get ruined by different weather conditions. Furniture made from materials such as powder-coated steel, and teak can withstand the weather and last a long time. Do not forget to cover your furniture with a waterproof material when they are not in use.

They say food tastes better when fried, and that’s true any time of year. Wear an extra t-shirt or jacketheat up a lamp, change the menu slightly to warmer meals, and cook and dine outdoors in the fall and winter. There’s a reason hot baths are so popular all year round, they make  you feel better.  Feel comfortable, warm and relaxed any time of the year.  But when the temperature drops, this feels especially comfortable.  Whether it’s a solo party, a post-match party with friends or an evening walk the hot bath is warm and inviting you to get out and enjoy the magic.

Adding warmth and lighting will help you stay outside, but try adding comfort and warmth.  To do this transform your patio or outdoor space into a true outdoor space by adding in the amenities you enjoy on the premises: pillows, blankets, and quilts that you can share with friends while blasting the starry sky or enjoying a hot drink.

If you have a covered roof or sidewalk in your yard, you’re more likely to be outside when it gets dark and the temperature drops.  Outdoor shutters add privacy and protection from the cold as well as screens and railings that allow you to separate an outdoor room or part of your yard, temporarily protecting you from weather conditions.

You can also add some comfortable sitting places which will make it cozy and a warm place to stay. Do not forget about the insects that’s there in the outdoor. Always try to have repellants sprays, it’s better if you can place a net to avoid such insects disturbing your sweet moments in the outdoor.