Since the dawn of man, the applied practicality and mathematics of ancient civilization has now reached its peak in terms of modern-day engineering. But with all of its utility and application it has not yet been fully saturated as one such that it becomes obsolete, engineering today has now become the hallmark of humanity’s rise and ascent towards the peak of all creations. What started off as simple machines has now become complex cogs of steel and iron;

simple beams have now transcended into massive skyscrapers that might make one to think that the tower of Babel would pale in comparison with our modern-day structures. Proven geometrical axioms and applied mathematics has now paved way to create not only simple machines with simple tasks, it has now transformed and evolved into a wide array of a complex line of machines who utility has also evolved into such that it might create a more efficient product and create it in a rate fast enough to meet the demands of man.

One of the areas in man’s conquest and usage of engineering technology that has showcased its strength and functionality is the in infrastructures of plants and factories that produce or create products for the consumption of the modern-day commoner, such as foods, energy, and even fuel.

Here are some amazing feats in engineering that makes these factories work effectively:

Systems Design

With the help of engineering, factories and plants today has now become more efficient and orderly because of intelligent systems designed to minimize error in the downward and upwards processes of the factories. Through networking departments and areas are now able to communicate and receive data in real-time rate which also implies that stress and errors that can be committed by human frailty can now be reduced to almost zero. Sensors and phone apps are now designed to alarm employees in charge of critical systems that why it is important to monitor the power in your factory through these security and precautionary apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Through AI factories has now even moved beyond analogue data gathering and storage. Artificial intelligence that run through the company’s system and network can now collect data that can then be readily available for anyone at any given time. AI systems can even automatically run through each computer network for any file or data that will be needed by the company. Although the idea of an AI is not fool-proof but its utility and functionality has now started to be used, explored, and experimented upon by big companies.


The rank and file have also been decimated by the system of automation that is employed in many companies and plants today. Wit automated responses and functions the employee’s principal task in to monitor rather than to operate, this way work is easier and the hazard to which employees are usually exposed to, are now decreased to almost more than half because of automated factory functions.

Human Engineering is the most amazing breakthrough and evolutionary footprint we had as a race.