A security guard who is also called a security officer or security personnel is a paid occupant who works for an organization to protect an individual, property, or money by exercising precautionary measures. Their main task is to protect by patrolling specific areas, and monitoring surveillance cameras to prevent criminal acts or irregularities.

Security guards and security services have taken quite an interesting history. In the early 1800s, the absence of well-equipped law enforcement authorities to chase outlaws from territorial borders led to the creation of the security industry. From the Vigil Urbanis who guarded the ancient Roman cities to ‘watchmen’ of the middle ages to the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in Chicago, the first-ever detective agency pioneered by Allan Pinkerton in 1850, this industry has been finely crafted to what it stands today. The advent of this industry which went through rapid growth is adorned by the excellent services of vibrant agencies such as security guards Melbourne.

During the years of origin, security guards had a full-scale set of roles such as, investigating crimes, guarding railroad shipments, and providing security to businessmen in particular as they were common targets of perpetrating groups.

Progressively with time, the role and scope of security services propelled by security agencies became more specific. They primarily branched into avenues of providing security to target zones or areas through patrolling, monitoring surveillance, upholding law and order in areas where they provided security, being on the watch for possible perpetrators, mob violence, or any form of unrest in target areas, confronting suspicious individuals and in worst case scenarios, dialing the police to subjugate and control violent situations. The profession also branched into the field of providing security to VIPs in other words, security guards are also employed as bodyguards. However, this field requires a different set of qualifications compared to an ordinary security guard as their primary duty is to guard and defend life or property.

Most security guards are former military personnel hence such individuals tend to have prior training in the field. However, looking back at the training which has reinforced this profession over time, it should be emphasized that, it has largely changeover time. What started as strenuous physical training in areas of combat and weaponry has now evolved into a certified course. In the modern day, an individual taking up the role of a security guard in whatever form is mandatorily subject to a background check in addition to which they undergo levels of training designed to assess and build physical strength, stamina, combat skills, correct use and mobilization of weapons and various other multi-strata of training programs before they are chosen into their relevant fields and jobs.

The importance of security services is that the safety and security of every individual are crucial which makes this profession an extremely necessary one to maintain peace law and order every single day making it a necessity to maintain the quality and reputation of the profession with time.