Breastfeeding the right way also includes wearing something that is comfortable and knowing what you should and should not wear. If you are a new mom and are having trouble deciding how to choose new clothes for you that will help you to feed your baby easily, here are some clothing ideas for you.

Nursing Bras

Wearing a regular bra during feeding times will come with a few disadvantages. Not only is it a little challenging sometimes to pull them aside, but the constant pulling will make them lose their support quite soon making them unusable. Nursing bras are made specially with special hooks and clips and are made in a way where a section of it can be folded down while you are nursing. This will help you to use the bra without losing its good quality.

Wrap Dresses

This is a good time to wear all the wrap dresses you have in your wardrobe. Especially if you are going out for work or a day out or a night out, a wrap up is one of the best attires you can choose as this will do the dual function of helping you to feed your kid while staying in style. The design of a wrap dress is made in a manner where one layer of cloth draped over the other making it easy for you to “open and close” the dress. There are also nursing dresses which are designed in a similar manner to the nursing bras.

V-Necks and Crossover

T-shirts are another option you have if you are looking for casual tops or a casual outfit. Special t-shirts with low necks will make breastfeeding easier for you, so make sure if you are choosing a t-shirt to wear during the breastfeeding period, it has no a V-neck or even a scoop neck. Crossover tops are another item that is not limited to maternity shops and is really easy to find in any clothing shop. You can also find special feeding tops that are made in a way that makes it easy to breastfeed a baby.


Scarves are a great way if you want to have some extra privacy in case you had to feed your baby in a public place. Opt for scarves that are wider so you can wrap it around yourself properly in a manner that will not expose you too much. Also remember to choose ones that are made of thin fabrics, especially on days that have a bit of hot weather, so that you will not feel too suffocated or weighed down. If you are into fashion, get some scarves that you can wear with your outfits and complement them.

Button Downs

Similar to crossover necks, scoop neck and wrap dresses button dresses are another easy style that you can stick to. You can open your shirt any time you wanted, and can actually keep the lower few buttons that do not need to open, done. This is another outfit that is good for both casual and official attire.

Just because you are nursing does not mean you have to give up dressing up nice or let go of your fashion instincts. Just make sure what you wear is comfortable and help you to feed your child.