Every organization today has a website without which it couldn’t have flourished. Setting up a website isn’t difficult, but making sure it’s one that has quality content and is designed beautifully takes great effort. Here’s a look at some of the top, common information that any website needs to have.

About and Overviews

The About section is the most essential part of any website. You cannot really expect people to ‘know’ you when they enter your website. Some may, but the others won’t. For those who are clueless, they’d need to know at a glance, what sort of organization you are, perhaps, with a little bit of your background. The ‘About’ section is where you’d give your clients a quick overview about what you do and why. Make sure your language is precise and correct, and you convey your story in an impressive manner. This is one of the many tricks you’d use to obtain quick wins on Google rankings.

People and Staff

Irrespective of the nature of your organization, you’re likely to have a group of important people who serve like pillars. Ideally, you’d include stories/information about Top level managers as well as the other key influencers of the organization. You may also choose to include information and photographs of your entire team of staff on a separate section of the website. Either way, it’s important that you pick and choose the right details and information that you’d put up on your website, but most importantly, you don’t leave out the ones that are essential.

Key Highlights

The highlights of your organization could be anything. It could be the launching of a product, a recent award or some kind of recognition your company received. If your origination is a school or an institution, your highlights could include types of events that you hosted or took part in, or achievements and milestones that you reached. The content for highlights can vary according to your organization, however, make it a point that you have your website structured and designed in a way that these key events are visible to anyone who checks you out.

News and Updates

While your ‘highlights’ section will always include positive news that are praiseworthy, you’d also require to have a section that contains all of your general news and updates. These don’t really have to be major events, but may even refer to day-to-day activities that you want your audience to be informed about. This may include announcements such as promotions, achievements and rewards, relocations, even deaths and other notices connected to your organization.


The ‘Contact Us’ section is very important. There could be millions trying to reach out to you from all around the world with all types of inquiries. These inquiries can be crucial for the growth of your organization. That’s why you’d need to make sure you’ve mentioned your addresses of all your branches (if any), along with official email addresses and telephone/fax numbers. It’s even more important that you respond to all inquiries that you receive in a professional manner.