Visiting a dentist only happens when we experience an issue but this should not be the case. It is recommended to visit a dentist at least once every six months so that an oral examination can be carried out and your oral health be evaluated. This way, the dentist will be able to find out minor issues and treat them early saving you from future pain and further costs required to fix a larger issue.

A common reason to visit a dentist is when you have a tooth ache. There are many things that can lead to tooth aches such as inflammation of the gums, a crack in the tooth, failed fillings, cavities or frequent teeth grinding. There are certain indications that you can recognise to prevent a toothache in the future such as pain when biting food and sensitivity to heat or cold. Some may even have a dull pain that is constant. So you should visit a dentist Maroubra Junction to get an idea of what is wrong and receive treatment. Timely treatment can help you avoid further pain and you can prevent further damage to teeth. Teeth will not get replaced when you are an adult so you need to protect them to ensure proper oral health.        

If you experience an accident that leads to a broken or chipped tooth, you may not feel pain instantly but this will soon become evident after some time. Whenever you see a chip in your tooth, it is best to visit your dentist so that they can assess how they can save the tooth. Preventative care will help you find any problems early on. On a routine visit to the dentist, they will carry out a check-up and cleaning. They will recommend taking an x-ray if there is some irregularity. This will provide the dentist with more information regarding the nature of the problem. The examination will include checking of teeth, mouth, gums and tongue for any irregularities. Built-up plaque will be removed during the cleaning. Sometimes, plaque cannot be removed by brushing alone and you will need to remove it to prevent the decaying of teeth.

You can lose teeth with age and this can affect your smile and appearance. There are dentists that are experienced in cosmetic dentistry that will be able to replace the tooth by way of a dental bridge, implant or a denture. If you are able to find the lost tooth, you can see if the dentist is able to reattach it. If you experience bleeding or swollen gums, it is recommended to see a dentist immediately. The dentist will be able to find out the underlying issue for this. Sometimes, bacteria can contribute to inflammation of the gums. With time, you may experience sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages. This happens when the enamel of the tooth is worn down. You can visit a dentist to understand why you experience pain and how to improve this. If you are used to grinding of teeth, it can cause soreness or stiffness of the jaw. You can visit a dentist to understand the treatments that are available. If you notice this in children, you can take them to the dentist right away so that the issue can be corrected quickly.